Trading Companies

Trading companies are businesses and specialists that cover all the export and import operations and procedures. A trading company buys products in one country and sells them in different countries, or where it has its own distribution network. These types of companies mostly work with a great production of products such as raw materials, chemicals, generic drugs, etc. We at Vian Outsourced Accounting Services takes Trading accounting outsourcing from UK and Ireland.

The activities of trading companies include:

Identification of suppliers in various countries with the capacity to supply a great amount of products at affordable prices

Financing and assurance of payment to the supplier

Negotiating the terms of sale as well as delivery of products.

Managing logistics, transport, customs and barriers of international trade

Distribution and sale of the products through the retail network

There are thousands of professionals and companies doing international trading activities. According to the Global Trade Dictionary, there more than 3500 international trading companies classified by sectors and countries.

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